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Story Behind “Mystery Shopping”
Do you remember ever taking a road trip
across the nation or even across a single
state? One thing you probably noticed as
you drove through each area are the
unmistakable McDonald’s Golden Arches. It
seems no matter wher
e you are… you
can always find them! You could even be in
one of the smaller towns in Indiana, and
you will most probably come across a pair of
those famous Golden Arches. With
more than 8,000 locations in
the United States alone, it’s easy to see why you’re
going to notice a McDonald’s in near
ly every town, city, or suburb.
I am quite sure at some
time during your travels you have stopped at a McDonald’s
to get something to eat at least once. Let
’s face it, you know that a McDonald’s will
have that Quarter Pounder, co
la and French fries you’ve been thinking about all
afternoon. It’s guaranteed. You also know t
hat when you enter, it
will be only a matter
of a few minutes to get your meal. Also,
you’ll know the atmosphere will be casual,
and will give you a place to relax.

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