I will give you Ebay Hacking Free Money eBook for £3

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I will give you Ebay Hacking Free Money eBook for £3
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free money online – get paid to surf the web
file:///D|/fuckhell/brad%20school/My%20Website/dec2003page.htm (1 of 6)12/8/2003 12:31:56 AM
Brad’s 2003 "Get Paid for Playing" Page
Who wants to get paid money for playing on your computer?! I’ll assume..you. I’m a computer science student right now
and wanted to try my skillz to make some dough on tha web. Here’s what I found: some online advertising companies that
will pay anyone
by the hour
to view ads on your screen via a small "adbar" thingy. It’s a bit smaller than a typical ad banner
and anytime you are on your computer (work OR play) and have it on–You get paid. The software logs how much you use it
and pays you accordingly–FYI–this is GOOD news for you web addicts. No limits. It senses mouse moviement to make sure
you’re there too. You could be chatting w/ friends instant messaging, surfing the web, doing school work, using your
computer normally–even playing games and dvd’s. The one’s I tested have
no popups
and will
never interupt you
or spam
you. The adbar will just quietly show small ads on the bottom of your screen in a 3/4 inch space. It’s kinda like renting your
screen space! There are actually many online advertising/consulting companies (about 50 now) who offer normal every day
net surfers to be paid a percentage of their monstrous ad revenues simply for looking at their ads while they are on their
computers. It started in early 1998 with AllAdvantage and Spedia in 1999 each paying around 50 cents per hour, and now, in
$.75/hour range and up $2/hr

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