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Hypnotic regression is perhaps considered one of the more advanced areas of hypnosis. It is
advised that you do not experiment with these techniques until you are completely
comfortable with the hypnotic induction process. It is also recommended that you prepare
yourself for the possibility of the client experiencing an abreaction.
Regardless of the depth of trance that the client appears to be in, always assume that they are
reliving the experience and avoid causing them to go through anything that may be too
traumatic or cause emotional stress. At the close of the session be sure to bring the client back
to full waking consciousness at the present date as the person they are now at their correct
Finally, this information is provided to be used at your own risk. I have never experienced
any problems following these techniques and I am sure you will have many safe fascinating
sessions using them too, but I cannot accept responsibility for anything that occurs as a result
of following these instructions.
Off all the many and varied experiences I have had as a hypnotist, my experiments in past life
regression will forever be the most memorable and fascinating. Past life regression allows
you to delve into a world that has long since been forgotten, it reveals some of the most
incredible powers of the human mind and it poses many interesting and thought provoking
questions about our existence.
Before we begin to discus the ways in which you are able to regress a client to a former life
we first need to look at the validity of the entire experience. How do we know that what the
client is reporting back to us is indeed a past life experience? And if it isn’t, what else could
it be? The big questions that you will be asking yourself as you use these techniques are ‘Is
this genuine?’ and ‘Where is this information coming from?’
There are many theories that explain the origin of the details that a regressed

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