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Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to activities, and activities lead
to results. Everything starts with your thoughts—that are produced by
your brain. Isn’t it astonishing that our brain is pretty much the basis
for our life and yet most of us have no idea as to how this potent
apparatus functions? So let’s begin by taking a simple look at how
your brain works. Metaphorically, your mind is nothing more than a
huge file cabinet, similar to what you’d find in your office or home. All
data that comes in is labeled and filed in folders so that it’s easy to
retrieve to help you survive.
Did you hear that? I didn’t say thrive, I said survive.
In each situation, you go to the files of your brain to determine how to
react. Say, for instance, you’re considering a financial opportunity.
You automatically go to your file labeled cash and from there decide
what to do. The only thoughts you may have about cash will be what
are stored in your cash file. That’s all you may think about, because
that’s all that is in your brain under that category.
Let’s have a look at how to use these files correctly.

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