I will give you WordPress Sales Graphic for £3

I will give you WordPress Sales Graphic for £3
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Spice up any blog post or page to increase conversions on any post promoting affiliate products, your own, or even just to add a touch of professional graphics to your blog. It’s now made super simple, using the power of WordPress shortcodes.

What is WordPress Shortcode? It’s a small line of code to add to any blog post or page. The WPSalesGraphic Plugin gives you the ability to create professional Sales Box, Buy Now or Video Optin graphics that you can add to any page, and best of all you can create unlimited amount of graphics!

Browse All The Features:
WP Plugin Install

Quick and easy installation. Only takes a few seconds to upload and activate. Then you are ready to start creating any type or graphic to edit post on your pages.
Completely Customizable

Edit any graphic you want and edit the color style, additional graphics, headline, content and much more!

It’s all there to edit and create your own graphic.

Included are icons from (iconfinder.com) that give your graphic boxes an extra kick ranging from stars, to social network icons like Facebook, Twitter.

While you are creating your graphics you can click the preview button to see what your graphics look like before ever hitting the save button!

Grab your shortcodes from the plugin options to easily copy and paste into any of your pages or posts to see your graphics take place instantly!

Enhanced grahical areas: Sales Box, Buy Now and Video Opt-in give you the power to create any type of marketing graphic you need for any blog post.

Easily manage your graphics from the wp plugn options panel edit, delete and grab your shortcode for all your sales graphics easily and quickly.

Includes help video that shows how to create all types of graphics and embed onto your blog post. Includes resource video links to get started with sales graphics.

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