I will add you 500+ twitter followers

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I will add you 500+ twitter followers
Job Description

You will Get 500+ Best twitter Followers for your Account only for £3

Most Instant start after order when we are Online…….

Just Spend 1-2 Minutes to visit our Service Description.

Most Unlimited System Followers per page!

Start Time of work:We start your work most instant by system when we are Online.But they need 12-24 hours to show on page.Maximum 24-96 hours we take per order.It`s happened sometimes when order loads on system or update time of Twitter.

Actually what we offering you with this service:

500+ twitter followers for your profile


500 Best quality Re-tweets


500 Favorites for your tweet.

Split The links: No split.

Our Service Requirements:

We Don`t need your User Password.

Just put your user name or Link.

Don`t make your profile private or protected or change in user name or link when we are working on it or before delivery of our order.If you do any of them we delivery this order as we do no refund or rejection or cancelation accepted!~

Important: Our followers usually don`t drop they remain for ages!But bcz of major twitter updates we are not responsible for any drop or refill.

What we mean by verified:They are all real looking people we are adding for your profile they will make legit your profile to public.they are all PVA(Phone Verified Accounts User) it`s called verified.But followers will be mix quality now.

Why Buy from us ?

We Organizes this service Specially for you :

* After Order Get Update the Starts Before and after Counting of your page followers only for new pages!

* Get always More extra for your satisfaction.

* No need Your Admin Access to add Followers.

* We are Looking Forward to Long Term Business!

* Followers are mix quality.But Mostly not drop.

Our Order Requirement for this service:

Make Your Profile Public to add Followers.

Make Some Tweet Which Profile have to Add Followers.

No Protecting or any Private settings or Not Change your User Name when we are working On your Link.

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