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I will give you How to Make Love All Night (and Drive a Woman Wild)

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Every woman dreams of being with a lover whose passion is so
intense and body is so strong that he can last and last and last.
Every man wants to be able to fulfill those dreams. He wants to know
that he can have intercourse for as long as he wishes, bringing his
partner to climax after climax. It certainly sounds wonderful, but
is it possible?
You are about to learn the secrets of male multiple orgasm. By
the time you have completed this book, your understanding of sexual
potential and sexual power will be changed forever. You will learn
how to prolong lovemaking for as long as you and your partner
desire. Men will learn how to master their own bodies. They will
learn how to have complete, powerful orgasms without losing their
erections, and how to have multiple orgasms-two, three, or even
more-just like a woman.
I know that this may be hard to believe. It’s hard to imagine
that such sexual powers could exist for anyone. Maybe for a twentyyear-
old with unlimited energy or some yogi with extraordinary
abilities, or maybe at the beginning of a torrid love affair, if you
should be so lucky.

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